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Trojena – Your Portal to Exceptional Expeditions

by neom-daily.com

Flee to Trojena – Your Year-Round Haven is Ready!

Are you prepared for an unparalleled escape? Situated in the core of Saudi Arabia’s NEOM region, Trojena offers an exceptional holiday experience brimming with adventure, tranquility, and awe-inspiring scenery. Find out why Trojena is the supreme choice for voyagers in search of the ideal mix of nature, innovation, and non-stop thrill throughout the year.

A Destination for All Seasons

Fed up with adjusting your vacation schedules? Trojena guarantees you won’t have to, providing the perfect weather throughout the year.

Winter Wonderland: Welcome the snow with enthusiasm! The colder weather of Trojena is why it was selected to be the venue for the 2030 Asian Winter Games. Prepare your skis for some exciting winter escapades.

Summer Bliss: As the sun reaches its zenith, Trojena morphs into a haven of summer. Plunge into the pristine lake, bask in the sunlight, and treat yourself to top-notch wellness activities.

Year-Round Exploration: Trojena’s vast array of trekking and mountain biking paths guarantees thrill and excitement, regardless of your visit time.

Why Trojena Should Be Your Topmost Destination

Trojena is not merely a location; it’s a pledge of exceptional experiences:

Unparalleled Perspective: Trojena seamlessly blends the traditional with the contemporary, offering a unique experience that is unparalleled elsewhere.

Boundless Space: Spanning nearly 1,500 square kilometers of wild mountainous landscapes, Trojena is dedicated to conserving the environment while providing limitless possibilities for adventure.

Incredible Accommodations: More than 3,620 hotel suites and serviced residences are prepared to host you. Your stay will generate treasured experiences and aid in the establishment of over 10,000 employment positions by 2030.

Discover Your Paradise

Envision passing through the grand “Gateway,” a sculpted entryway leading into the core of the mountain. As you journey south, the “Mirage” unveils itself as a captivating visitor center, your portal to the magical realm of Trojena.

The “Discover” group is the place where explorers discover their passion. Climb towering cliffs and tackle demanding climbing paths. If that doesn’t suit your taste, rise to the peak of the mountain for a stunning 360° panorama of Trojena.

Valley – Where Tranquility Meets Excitement

In the core of Trojena’s valley, a peaceful lake offers perennial serenity. Explore the “Lake Village,” the lively heart of Trojena that promises exquisite cuisine and exciting nightlife.

Fun in the Snow – Your Winter Playground

The “Fun” group, situated on a magnificent mountain peak, provides an impressive 36 kilometers of ski trails for those passionate about winter sports.

Explore – Uncover History

Immerse yourself in the profound history of Saudi Arabia via Trojena’s age-old legacy and exclusive strolls, engaging with pristine nature.

Wellness – Rejuvenation Awaits

In the northern highlands of Trojena, tranquility is the main attraction. Disconnect, decompress, and revitalize in one of the most contemporary wellness spas.

Don’t let this once-in-a-lifetime chance slip away! Trojena invites you to a realm of thrill, tranquility, and scenic splendor. Get your luggage ready and allow Trojena to reshape your concept of an ideal holiday in the core of Saudi Arabia. Your remarkable voyage starts here.